Global Sustainability Challenges

Track: Global Sustainability Challenges

Addressing the multifaceted challenges that the world faces in achieving sustainable development. Bringing together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, this track aims to explore innovative solutions, discuss pressing issues, and foster collaboration to address global sustainability challenges.

  • Sub-Track 1
  • - Circular Economy Models for Carbon Neutrality

    - Waste-to-Energy Solutions

    - Circular Supply Chains for Low-Carbon Production

    - Recycling Technologies and Climate Benefits

    - Carbon Sequestration through Circular Practices

    - Sustainable Materials and Low-Carbon Design

    - Circular Economy in Urban Planning for Climate Resilience

    - Policy Integration for Circular and Low-Carbon Economies

    - Consumer Behavior and Circular Choices

  • Sub-Track 2
  • - green Supply Chain Strategies

    - Carbon-Neutral Logistics

    - Circular Supply Chain Design

    - Sustainable Procurement Practices

    - Traceability and Transparency in Supply Chains

    - Resilient Supply Chains for Climate Adaptation

    - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Supply Chain Planning

    - Sustainability Risk Management in Supply Chains

    - Collaborative and Ethical Supplier Relationships

    - Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Sustainable Supply Chains:

    - Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Operations

  • Sub-Track 3
  • - Smart Water Management Systems

    - Energy-Efficient Smart Buildings

    - Smart Grids for Sustainable Energy Distribution

    - Data-Driven Approaches to Water Conservation

    - Renewable Energy Integration in Smart Cities

    - Real-Time Monitoring of Environmental Parameters

    - Smart Technologies for Water Treatment

    - Energy Harvesting in Smart Environments

    - Sustainable Practices in Smart Agriculture

    - Integrated Smart Solutions for Resource Management


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