Overview Registration Fees EnviroInfo 2024

Online registration is open from the 12th of August 2024.

Upon Registration, the conference organizers will provide invitation letters for visa issuing process.

In the case of any difficulty encountered during registration or any inquiry regarding the financial issues and registration fees, please contact

All fees are quoted in EURO for the non-Egyptian attendees and EGP for the Egyptian attendees.

Note that during the registration process, there might be extra amount withdrawn with the registration fees due to currency exchange or bank services fees.

Please, choose the registration category carefully from the online system to avoid wrong registration which might cause the withdrawal of the manuscript.

While registering, please have your credit card with you, ready to use (Only Master and Visa credit/debit cards are accepted) along with your paper ID. Note: No internet banking nor EFT (wire transfer) is available.

IG Members, and the German University in Cairo (GUC) students and staff members are subjected to special rates.

--To register as IG member, you need to register your membership number.

--To register as GUC student or staff, you need to register your ID number.

There are four packages in registeration fees:

1- Full Registration

2- Student Registration

3- 1-Day Registration

4- Social Activities Registration

The table below shows the inclusion of each package.

Service Full Registration Student Registration 1-Day Registration Social Activities Registration
Uploading the Main Camera-ready Manuscript

Loading Extra Papers

For Additional Fees

Uploading a Poster content

Attending the Conference Sessions

Attending the conference workshops/tutorials

Conference Amenities (Bag, Notebook, Pen, …, etc.)

Complimentary Coffee Breaks

✓ (ONLY During Workshop/Tutorials)

Lunch at the Venue

✓ (ONLY During Workshop/Tutorials)

Conference Social Events


Full Registration Package

This package allows the upload of camera-ready manuscripts and any additional ones. Thus, an author MUST fully register in order to get the paper published.

The Full Registration fee must be paid first to enable the upload of your main paper. One Full Registration allows the upload of one paper.

Any additional papers require the payment of a regular full registration fee.

One full registration is needed to present one paper (for oral presentation).

Papers that are not presented at the conference are very disruptive to a conference. Any accepted paper that is not presented at this conference is at risk for not being published as part of the conference proceedings. If the primary author is unable to attend, please arrange for a co-author to present the paper.

If the participant wishes to attend the social event, an extra ticket has to be obtained for extra fees (Check the social activities fees section).

Early-Bird (Deadline: 31.09.2024) Late Registration (Deadline: 1.11.2024)
Regular fees + Authors (international) 340.- Euro 400.- Euro
GI Member fees + Authors (international) 290.- Euro 350.- Euro
Regular fees + authors (national) 5000.- EGP 8000.- EGP
Regular fees + non-authors (national) 2500.- EGP 4000.- EGP

Student Registration Package

The student registration is not considered as a full registration, thus, it does NOT allow the upload of a final manuscript.

Students’ category includes bachelor, master, and doctoral student level.

All students must provide a valid Student ID at registration desk.

The student registration allows the participant to attend the conference sessions and workshops/tutorials.

The student registration also allows poster content submission in the conference. After submitting, the nominated posters will be presented during the conference which will be accessed by the conference attendees.

If the participant wishes to attend the social event, an extra ticket has to be obtained for extra fees (Check the social activities fees section).

Early-Bird (Deadline: 31.09.2024) Late Registration (Deadline: 1.11.2024)
Postgrad-Student fees (international) 190.- Euro 250.- Euro
Undergrad-Student fees (international) 70.- Euro 90.- Euro

1-Day Registration Package

The participant is allowed to attend ONLY one of the 3 conference days.

The participants will receive upon registration an invitation that allows entering the venue in addition to the workshops/tutorials specified area.

The participants will be provided a special entry access to move freely between the particular sessions. Please keep this access all the time and show it when requested.

If the participant wishes to attend the social event, an extra ticket has to be obtained for extra fees (Check the social activities fees section).

Early-Bird (Deadline: 31.09.2024) Late Registration (Deadline: 1.11.2024)
1-Day Ticket (international) 150.- Euro 170.- Euro
1-Day Ticket (national) 1500.- EGP 2000.- EGP

Social Activities Fees Package

An extra ticket for attending the social events (Conference Social Events and Gala Dinner) can be obtained for extra fees.

The full personal details for the attendee has to be provided to send an invitation as well.

Early-Bird (Deadline: 31.09.2024) Late Registration (Deadline: 1.11.2024)
Conference Gala Dinner Registration (Nile Cruise - 1st Conference Day 12.11.2024) 75.- Euro 75.- Euro
Conference Social Event (Petrified Forest Badawya Night Theme – 2nd Conference Day 13.11.2024) 50.- Euro 50.- Euro
Full Day Social and Sightseeing Activity in Cairo (Enjoy the day in the Great Ancient Egypt –Friday 13.11.2024) 100.- Euro 100.- Euro

Refund/Cancellation policy:

• Any cancellation is associated with significant costs to the conference organizers and might conflict with the paper submission policy. For these reasons, following fees and rules will apply for any cancellation of the registration.

• For any cancellation:

-- Cancellation from 31 September till 15 October 2024: 25% of the paid registration amount will be forfeited

-- Cancellation after 15 October 2024: 100% of the paid registration amount will be forfeited.

• Any refund request is subject to this Cancellation Policy.

• All refund requests MUST be sent to the conference treasurer for investigation (

• The approval of your refund request will automatically remove your paper from the Conference Program unless it is due to the sudden change of personal medical conditions, family bereavement, and alike. In such cases an evidence of the reason should be provided.


EnviroInfo 2024 is sponsored by:

The event will be organized in close cooperation with the Technical Committee of Environmental Informatics of the German Informatics Society.