Environmental Modelling and Simulation

Track: Environmental Modelling and Simulation

With a focus on cutting-edge modeling and simulation techniques, this track aims to explore innovative solutions to environmental challenges, predict future scenarios, and inform evidence-based decision-making for sustainable development.

  • Sub-Track 1
  • - Dynamic Climate Models

    - Ecosystem Response to Climate Change

    - Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Flux Modeling

    - Integrated Climate-Ecosystem Models

    - Paleoclimate Reconstruction Models

    - Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Ecosystems

    - Data Assimilation Techniques in Climate-Ecosystem Models

    - Communication of Model Outputs for Decision-Making

  • Sub-Track 2
  • - Environmental Data Analytics

    - Predictive Modeling for Sustainability

    - Optimization Strategies for Resource Management

    - Carbon and Ecological Footprint Analytics

    - Supply Chain Sustainability Analytics

    - Real-Time Monitoring and Alert Systems

    - Spatial Analytics for Environmental Planning

    - Circular Economy Analytics

    - Social Impact Analytics in Environmental Initiatives

    - Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Practices

    - Block-chain and Transparency in Sustainability Analytics

  • Sub-Track 3
  • - Circular Business Models

    - Environmental Accounting and Reporting

    - Sustainable Supply Chain Management

    - Green Innovation and Product Development

    - Eco-Labeling and Certification

    - Life Cycle Assessment in Business Decision-Making

    - Environmental Risk Management Models

    - Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Accounting

    - Environmental Risk Management Models

    - Biodiversity and Business

    - Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services

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